Pseudomonas-Plant Interaction P. s. pv. tomato DC3000 P. s. pv.phaseolicola 1448A
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Plants vs Pathogens
Nature's game of detection and evasion

Vegevaders is a board game that allows students to experience through game-play the continuing co-evolution between plants and their microbial pathogens that occurs during the battle to detect/defend (plants) versus evade/invade (pathogens). The game has been successfully play tested with Middle School, High School, and Community College level students.

The version of Vegevaders made available here is a prototype to be used exclusively for testing, evaluation, or quality control purposes. Developers shall not be liable for any damages that result from the materials on this site or the performance of the products

How do I get started?
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Information for teachers provides an outline of science standards addressed, necessary background, information reinforced, a brief description of game play, and basics of the underlying biology

Download materials (contact website admin for assistance if needed):

Play mat - original version
Play mat - new and improved! - color PowerPoint file suitable for printing on 11x17 paper
Cards -
a color PowerPoint file to be printed double side
Scoring sheet for new play mat -
a color PowerPoint file to be printed single side

PowerPoint lecture - Introduces students to the basic biology and rules of game play. This can be adapted to meet the needs of different grade levels.

The science behind P. syringae effectors - provides the opportunity for students to explore the primary scientific literature describing effectors at a genomic and biochemical level

Castle Attack
! - plant-pathogen interactions illustrated using a medieval battle metaphor

Plant Disease in the News - Learn more about some major plant diseases currently in the news (links to articles in the popular press and videos included).