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List of assigned Hop names

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Procedure for Hop name assignment:

  1. Verify that the protein/gene in question meets one of the criteria for Hop name assignment (see criteria for Hop name assignment), but is NOT part of a previously characterized family and subgroup (see protocol for phylogenetic analysis)
  2. If part of a novel family, name the new Hop using the next available alphabetic character(s). Assign a subgroup number of "1" and a subscript denoting source pathovar and strain (see list of pathovar abbreviations)
  3. If part of a novel subgroup in a previously characterized family, assign the next available subgroup number within that family, together with a subscript denoting source pathovar and strain
  4. Deposit the sequence in Genbank (see Genbank sequence deposition page). Names will not be added to the list of those assigned until release of the sequence by Genbank.
  5. Email the PPI site administrator to add the newly assigned name to the list below


  • To facilitate phylogenetic analysis, a list of the sequences of all Hops in a given family can be found by clicking on the family name
  • More information on individual effectors, including references can be found in the Hop database (last updated 9-10-09)
  • Hop proteins originally named as Avrs and grandfathered into the new nomenclature are listed at the end of this page. Go to Avr list
The following family and subgroup names have already been assigned:

HopA family

hopA1 Psy 61
hopA1 Pto DC3000
hopA1 Psy 226

hopA2 Psy 464
hopA2 Psy BK034
hopA2 Psy PDDCC3907
hopA2 Paf B143
hopA2 Psy B-301D
hopA2 Psy B6
hopA2 Psy B5
hopA2 Psy 5D4198
hopA2 Pmp 5795

HopB family

hopB1 Pto DC3000
hopB1 Ppe 5846
hopB1 Psy DH105 (Note: this was initially named hopB2)

HopC family

hopC1 Ppi 299A(race1)
hopC1Pto DC3000

HopD family

hopD1 Pph 1302A (race 4)
hopD1Psv ITM317
hopD1Pgy 49a/90
hopD1Pto DC3000
hopD1Psp 1448A
hopD1::IS52 Pto DC3000

HopE1 Pto DC3000

HopF family

hopF1 Pph 1449A race5 & 7

hopF2 Pdp PDDCC529
hopF2 Pto DC3000

hopF3 Pph 1448A

HopG family

hopG1 Pto DC3000
hopG1 Pph 1448A

HopH family

hopH1 Pto DC3000
hopH1Ppi race 1 - 299A
hopH1Psy B728A

HopI family

hopI1 Pma ES4326
hopI1 Pto DC3000

hopI1 Psy B728A
hopI1 Pph 1448A

HopJ family (not a T3 effector- see invalidated Type III effectors and helpers for complete list)

hopJ1 Pma ES4326
hopJ1 Pto DC3000
hopJ1 Psy B728A
hopJ1 Pph 1448A

hopK1 Pto DC3000

HopL family (not a T3 effector - see invalidated Type III effectors and helpers for complete list)

hopL1 Pto DC3000
hopL1 Psy B728A

HopM family

hopM1 Pto DC3000
hopM1 Psy B728A
hopM1 Pph 1448A

hopN1 Pto DC3000

HopO family

hopO1-1 Pto DC3000
hopO1-2 Pto DC3000
hopO1-3 Pto DC3000

hopP1 Pto DC3000 (reclassified as a type III helper - see Type III helpers for complete list)

HopQ family

hopQ1-1 Pto DC3000
hopQ1-2 Pto DC3000
hopQ1 Pph 1448A

HopR family

hopR1 Pto DC3000
hopR1 Pph 1448A

HopS family

hopS1 Pto DC3000

hopS2 Pto DC3000

HopT family

hopT1-1 Pto DC3000
hopT1-2 Pto DC3000

hopT2 Pto DC3000

hopU1 Pto DC3000

HopV family

hopV1 Pto DC3000
hopV1 Pph 1448A

HopW family

hopW1-1 Pma ES4326
hopW1-2 Pma ES4326
hopW1-1 Pph 1448A
hopW1-2 Pph 1448A

HopX family

hopX1 Pma ES4326
hopX1 Pto DC3000
hopX1 Pph 1302A (race 4)
hopX1 Psy B728A
hopX1 Pph B130
hopX1 Pta ATCC 11528
hopX1 Pgy race 4
hopX1 Pag Pa9
hopX1 Pph BK378
hopX1 Psy W4N 15
hopX1 Pdp PDDCC529
hopX1 Pph 1448
hopX1 Pma M6

hopX2 Pma ES4326

hopY1 Pto DC3000

HopZ family

hopZ1 Pma ES4326
hopZ1 Psy A2

hopZ2 Ppi 895A (race 4A)

hopZ3 Psy B728A
hopZ' Psy B452

HopAA family

hopAA1 Pma ES4326
hopAA1 Psy B728A
hopAA1' Pph 1448A
hopAA1-1 Pto DC3000
hopAA1-2 Pto DC3000

HopAB family

HopAB1 Pph 1449B (race7)
HopAB1 Psv ITM317
HopAB1 Pgy 49a/90
HopAB1 Psy B728A
HopAB1 Pph 1448A

HopAB2 Pto DC3000

HopAB3-1 Pma ES4326
HopAB3-2 Pma ES4326

HopAB3 Pph 1448A

hopAD1 Pto DC3000

HopAE family

hopAE1 Psy B728A
hopAE1 Pph 1448A

HopAF family

hopAF1 Pto DC3000
hopAF1 Psy B728A
hopAF1 Pph 1448A

HopAG family

hopAG1 Psy B728A
hopPtoAG::ISPssy Pto DC3000

HopAH family

hopAH1 Psy B728A
hopAH1 Pto DC3000

hopAH2 Psy B728A (not a T3 effector - see invalidated Type III effectors and helpers for complete list)
hopAH2 Pph 1448A
hopAH2-1 Pto DC3000
hopAH2-2 Pto DC3000

HopAI family

hopAI1 Pto DC3000
hopAI1' Psy B728A

HopAJ family (reclassified as a type III helper - see Type III helpers for complete list)

hopAJ1 Pma ES4326
hopAJ1 Pto DC3000
hopAJ1 Pph 1448A

hopAJ2 Pto DC3000 (subfamily not T3 helpers - see invalidated Type III effectors and helpers)
hopAJ2 Psy B728A
hopAJ2 Pph 1448A

HopAK family (reclassified as a type III helper - see Type III helpers for complete list)

hopAK1 Pma ES4326
hopAK1 Pto DC3000
hopAK1 Psy B728A
hopAK1 Pph 1448A

hopAL1 Pma ES4326

HopAM family

hopAM1 Ppi 870A
hopAM1-1 Pto DC3000
hopAM1-2 Pto DC3000

HopAN family (not a T3 effector - see invalidated Type III effectors and helpers for complete list)

hopAN1 Pto DC3000
hopAN1 Psy B728A
hopAN1 Pph 1448A

hopAO1 Pto DC3000

hopAP1 Ppi 151 (not a T3 effector - see invalidated Type III effectors and helpers for complete list)

hopAQ1 Pto DC3000

hopAR1 Pto DC3000

HopAS1 family

hopAS1 Pto DC3000
hopAS1 Pph 1448A

hopAT Pph6

hopAU Pph6

hopAV Pph6

hopAW Pph6


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The following list includes Hop effector proteins, originally named as Avr proteins and grandfathered into the new nomenclature:

avrA Pgy

AvrB family

avrB1 Pgy race 4

avrB2 Pgy race 4
avrB2 Pph NPS3121
avrB2 Pph 1448A

avrB3 Psy B728a
avrB3 Psy W4N15

AvrD family

avrD1 Pto PT23
avrD1 Pph NPS3121
avrD1 Pla 1
avrD1 Pla 2
avrD1 Pci
avrD1 Pap
avrD1 Pgy race0
avrD1 Pgy race1
avrD1 Pgy race3
avrD1 Pgy race6
avrD1 G50 race2
avrD1 1449B
avrD1 1448A

AvrE family

avrE1 Pto PT23
avrE1 Pto DC3000
avrE1 Psy B728a
avrE1 Pma ES4326
avrE1 Psy 61

AvrPto1 family

avrPto1 Pto JL1065
avrPto1 Pto DC3000
avrPto1 Psy B728a

AvrRpm1 family

avrRpm1 Pma M2
avrRpm1 Pma M6
avrRpm1 Ppi HRI 1691 (race 7)
avrRpm1 Ppi HRI 203 (race 2)
avrRpm1 Psy B728a

AvrRps4 family

avrRps4 Ppi 151
avrRps4 Pph 1448A

avrRpt2 Pto JL1065

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