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Sequencing and annotation of the genome and two plasmids (p1448A-A and p1448A-B) was completed by The Institute for Genome Research (TIGR) in March, 2003 and published in Joardar et al. 2005. Please note that these analyses do not reflect changes in the annotation since its original deposition.

General features:

Feature Chromosome p1448A-A p1448A-B
Size (bp) 5,928,785 bp 131,950 bp 51,711 bp
G+C percentage 58.0% 54.1% 56.0%
Number of ORFs 5,144 149 60
Percent Coding 87% 78% 84.9%
Average ORF length 1007nt 660 nt 719 nt
No. ORFs encoding:
protein with a known function 3,492 (68%) 97 (65%) 37 (62%)
hypothetical protein 191 27 6
conserved hypothetical protein 793 15 14
protein of unknown function 668 10 3

Genome publication and supporting information:

Joardar, et al, 2005. Whole-Genome Sequence Analysis of Pseudomonas syringae pv.phaseolicola 1448A Reveals Divergence among Pathovars in Genes Involved in Virulence and Transposition J. Bacteriol. 187:6488-98.

guide to supporting figures
Fig S1 - Functional role categories of Psp 1448A ORFs and comparison with Pto DC3000 ORFs
Fig S2 - Signature sequence located adjacent to effector genes in P. syringae pathovars.

guide to supporting tables
Table S1 - BLASTP analysis of the predicted proteomes of 1448A (query) and DC3000 (reference)
Table S2. Genome properties of Pseudomonas strains
Table S3. Virulence genes in Psp 1448A
Table S4. NRPS and PK genes in Psp 1448A
Table S5. ORFs with disrupted reading frames flanking ISPsy18 transposase (Mutator family)
Table S6. Preferred sites for insertion of mobile genetic elements in DC3000 and 1448A
Table S7. Comparison of the Psp 1448A genome with four other finished Pseudomonas genomes.
Table S8. BLASTP analysis of the predicted proteomes of DC3000 (query) and 1448A (reference)

Additional features of the original genome sequence and annotation are available at the following sites:

TIGR-CMR Pseudomonas syringae 1448A

DNA Structural Atlas - plots of structural features in the 1448A chromosome generated by the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis at the Technical University of Denmark