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Annotation updates logs reflect changes submitted to Genbank (see individual log files for dates of most recent changes). Note that FTP

Pto DC3000
Psy B728a
Psp 1448A

complete annotation records
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large plasmid - pDC3000A
small plasmid - pDC3000B

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Read about the Gene Ontology Annotation (GOA) Project for plant-associated microbes (here)

NEW 10-15-11: Tabular files corresponding to re-annotation of transposable sequences in P. syringae pv phaseolicola 1448A (PMID: 22016774)
Pph_1448A_mobile_elmts_CP000058.tab, Pph_p1448A-A_mobile_elmts_CP000059.tab, Pph_p1448A-B_mobile_elmts_CP000060.tab

NOTE: As of 12/06, extragenic features such as experimentally confirmed and predicted hrp promoter sequences are being added to the Genbank annotation. Tabular listings of the hrp promoters can be viewed for each of the three P. syringae strains:
Pto DC3000 hrp promoters, Psp 1448A hrp promoters, Psy B728a hrp promoters

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